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On January 29, we will use our lottery system to determine reservations for this trip, and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your seat confirmation or waitlist status. 

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If you paid for the cancelled November 17 beach trip and your check was cashed by us, you may sign up for this trip without making further payment.  Send us a note (to the address above) and let us know you wish to go on the February beach trip and that you have a credit from the November cancelled trip.  You are still subject to the lottery drawing; however, if you don’t get on this trip, your credit will remain on the books for a future trip.

Barefoot Beachcombers Club

(BBC will also work)

333 Colony Blvd. #110

The Villages, FL 32162

We’ll then nap our way during a leisurely 1 hour and 45 minute ride home.      

Because of the loss of many of our incoming checks in November, we have rented a box at the Safe Ship Office in Colony Plaza to prevent further problems.  When sending in your check, please be sure to address the envelope exactly as shown below. 

To join us on this trip, send your check (made out to the BBC) for $25 pp to:

  • Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill  (rated #1), 1848 South Oceanshore Boulevard, (386) 439-6345 ~ 


  • Funky Pelican at the Flagler Beach Pier, 215 Florida A1A, ‎ 0.1 mi SE, (386) 439-0011‎ ~  

  • Flagler Fish Company, 180 South Daytona Avenue, ‎ 0.1 mi SW,  (386) 439-0000 ‎ ~

  • Rocky's Pizzeria Restaurant, 105 North Oceanshore Boulevard, ‎140 ft N, (386) 439-6545

  • Burrito Works, 400 South Oceanshore Boulevard, ‎0.2 mi S, (386) 439-6601‎ ~

  • Giovanni's Pizza & Pasta, 218 Moody Boulevard, ‎100 ft SE, (386) 693-4815  ~

  • Fisherman's Net, 500 South Oceanshore Boulevard, ‎ 0.2 mi S, (386) 439-1818 ~


  • Fuego Del Mar, 605 S. Oceanshore Boulevard, (386) 439-0098

By now, you should be getting pretty hungry.  We will visit the Flagler Beach beachfront where the following casual fare restaurants can be found.  They are all within 0.2 miles of each other.

The Welcome Center, built in 1936, was once the home of Owen and Louise Young.  Rarely did the customers at the roadside vegetable stand of the elderly Mr. Young know that he had been the Chairman of the Board of General Electric, had founded RCA, and had been named Time’s Man of the Year for 1929.  He was also an advisor to five U.S. Presidents.  Apparently, he was a darn good vegetable salesman too!

From there, we will travel just 1½ miles to the gallery of Paul Biliker, who “endeavors to capture a moment in wood or bronze that expresses potential for a symbiotic relationship with nature.”  He has graciously agreed to open his gallery for one hour on a Monday afternoon just to please us.  Below are some of his works.  (Note:  We may not be able to store more than two purchases of them in the basement of our bus.)

After viewing rock and water for an hour or so, we’ll adjourn to the softer side of the park where we’ll be offered a short guided tour of its formal gardens.  Below is a sneak peak at its beauty.

If ever your camera eagerly awaited an adventure, this would be the occasion.   We suggest that you bring a chair and your lunch with you and enjoy it in this quiet, peaceful, and beautiful setting.

We pretty much know its tooooo cold to swim in either the Atlantic or Gulf in February, unless of course, you are willing to travel to Key West--which we’re not!  So we’ll attempt something a little different on the 2nd anniversary of the founding of our club.

On Monday, February 16, let’s visit

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park,

on the Atlantic in Palm Coast, which is south of St. Augustine and north of Flagler Beach.  You can’t go into the water because its floor and shore showcase the second greatest accumulation of coquina rock in the United States, and your tootsies would not take too kindly to that.  However, your eyes should behold the scenery in wonderment as you stroll cautiously between the beautiful rock formations shown below.

Are you ready NOT TO SWIM, Beachcombers?

February 16
Washington Oaks Gardens State Park & Flagler Beach
March 16
South Jetty Park at Port Canaveral & Exploration Tower
April 20
Indian Rocks Beach & Florida Botanical Gardens
May 18
Nokomis and Pop's Sunset Grill
June 15
Caddy's on Sunset Beach

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