2018 Beach Trips

Barefoot Beachcombers Club (‘BBC’ will also suffice)
333 Colony Blvd. #110
The Villages, FL 32162

You could instead hand your addressed envelope to a person at the counter at Safe Ship in Colony Plaza, saving you the stamp.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant   https://chwinery.com/uploads/downloads/Coopers-Hawk-Main.pdf

We welcome you to join us for our return to
the unhurried and unpretentious
at the southern tip of St. Pete Beach
on Monday, June 18 – 8:30 – 8:00

To join us on this trip, print the reservation form (click on green button below) and mail it along with your check (made out to the BBC) for $28 per person to the address below. On June 6th, we will conduct our lottery and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your seat confirmation or waitlist status.

Restaurants in Pass-A-Grille -Start lickin’ your lips !

Right on the Beach

Paradise Grille
The Paradise Grille is literally on the beach! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, each with a wide variety of options.  Under new ownership as of June 1.   Hope it’s as delicious as always!

Across the Street from the beach

The Brass Monkey - 709 Gulf Way     www.thebrassmonkey.net
The Brass Monkey—with its 2nd floor view of the water-- has a wide selection from wings to burgers to pizza to sandwiches and wraps.  Best backfin crab cakes in the State of Florida.

The Hurricane Restaurant   807 Gulf Way       www.thehurricane.com

Paradise Sweets   709 Gulf Way   Coffees, tea, and ice cream    “One word: delicious!!!!!”

On the Intracoastal Waterway 1 block away                                                     

The Seahorse     800 Pass-A-Grille Way
The Seahorse is an ideal place for a channel-front breakfast or lunch! The beautiful view of the water, delicious food and a quaint atmosphere are sure to please!    Only open til 2:30


As if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, here are the 3 restaurants (pictured below)--all within about 2 blocks of each other--that we are asking you to select from for our dinner in Tampa on the way home.  Because their managers need to bring in sufficient staff and delicious food to meet our needs, they would appreciate knowing how many of us to expect.  So please take a few minutes to look at their menus to help you decide which of these three might best interest you.  (Note:  If just a few of you change your minds that evening, that should not be a problem.)

And while two of the following restaurants are on Boy Scout Boulevard, we don’t expect you gentlemen to actually behave like one.

<------- Pass-a-Grille

Liability Waiver:  The BBC has a revised Liability Waiver specific to our club.  Even if you have signed a liability release form in the past for our club, we are asking that you sign the revised one. This will only need to be done one time; not yearly as in the past.  Please click on link below, print and sign, and give the form to your bus leader on this trip. 

In Pass-A-Grille, prepare yourself for a laid-back refreshing dip into the past.  The city’s motto is:                                                                       “Practice the Art of Loving Life” 

Unfortunately the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum which is just 200 feet away is not open on Mondays.  However, the museum has installed the bell shown below to be rung at each sunset.

And, in the event of Florida’s customary brief summer showers, the surrounding shops and restaurants are, again,   just a few steps away.  There is also an ice cream stand right across the street.


It’s a fabulous place just to chill out, watch the fishermen, chat with the locals, and chase pelicans.  The whole deal!   

It’s just a 2 1/4-hr. drive to this well-kept secret, one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Upon our approach, you’ll enjoy this community’s Caribbean-type feel with its narrow side streets and pastel-colored buildings.

We feel this lovely town is ideal for summer because of the short depth of the beach.  As you can see below, there’s only a few steps from the coach to the water, great for easily conveying your personal beach chairs and umbrellas. 

Just be sure to bring an ale home for your backyard buddy ~

The Seahorse restaurant near Merry Pier--which is open only until 2:30--would offer you the opportunity to have a bite to eat while watching boat traffic pass by on the channel.

I/we would like to go to Pass-a-Grille with the BBC on June 18th.  Enclosed is my $28 check (pp). 

Print your name(s):   __________________________________________________________________________________

I/we wish to be on the bus with these friends (name up to four) ________________________________________


I/we still have a credit with the BBC and I would like to use that credit. _________

My/our preliminary dinner selection:   (please put one checkmark             for each of you.)

                          Kona Grill      ______________________
                          Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant   ____________________

                          Miller’s Ale House   _____________________

I may want to rent beach equipment.  The club will let me know the cost before I make a commitment.  ________ I would then pay for the rental on the bus on the way to Pass-a-Grille.


We’ll enjoy a relaxing stay here

    from about 11:00 ‘til 3:30.

The Hurricane Seafood Restaurant

We must alert you to the fact that there is no lifeguard in Pass-A-Grille.  Please take that into consideration when deciding whether you wish to join us on this trip.

But, if you’re feeling too relaxed to walk even one block (you lazy American, you), adjourn instead to the Hurricane Restaurant or the Brass Monkey right across the street from the beach for lunch.

Miller’s Ale House     https://millersalehouse.com/menu/

The stunning beach is immaculate and the water,  a lovely shade of turquoise blue.  The Paradise Grille is right on the beach, offering delicious fare, public restrooms/changing area, outside showers, and a little beach shop.  As shown, there is a patio area with picnic tables and other seating. They have offered chair/umbrella rental in the past but a new vendor is taking over on June 1 so we do not know the price at this time.  We will keep you informed if you express interest in rentals on your application.   

June 18

Pass-a-Grille, St. Pete
July 16
South Jetty Park - Port Canaveral

Aug 20

Caddy's on Sunset Beach (Treasure Island)
Sept 10-13
Amelia Island

The Brass Monkey

8th Avenue, just off the beach, offers whimsical shops and Paradise Sweets for a mid-afternoon stroll.

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