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This check also includes $32 pp for the Lady Jane Shrimp Boat.                        ____   (please check if applicable)

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St. Simon's Island and Jekyll Island

September 21-24, 2015

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If you would like to join us on this special trip, print (see red button below) and fill out the form, and mail it along with your payment to:

Barefoot Beachcombers Club (or BBC)

333 Colony Blvd. #110

The Villages, FL  32162

On May 15, we will use our lottery system to determine reservations for this trip, and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your seat confirmation or waitlist status.  At that time, we will provide you with the hotel phone number and group ID so you can personally call and make your room reservation.

Cancellation Policy for BBC Trips Lasting Longer Than One Day

  1. A cancellation for an overnight trip will be accepted if it is received by email to the Club Treasurer at least four (4) days prior to the beginning date of the trip AND a replacement can be arranged. 
  2. The replacement can either come from the waitlist or substituted by the cancelling club member.  When a replacement is arranged, a $25 credit for a future trip will be issued to the cancelling club member and the difference between the trip transportation fee and $25 will be refunded by check to the cancelling club member.
  3. Anyone substituted by the cancelling club member must already be a BBC member.
  4. If a cancellation is not able to be replaced, either from the waitlist or substituted by the cancelling member, the trip transportation fee will be forfeited and no credit will be given.
  5. Hotel deposits and cancellations are not the responsibility of the BBC and must be handled separately and solely by the club member.  (Note: The contract with our hotel states that an individual room cancellation can be made up to 24 hours prior to arrival date.)
  6. The cancellation will not be accepted if it is received within four (4) days of the beginning of the trip, whether or not a replacement can be found, and the cancelling club member will forfeit their entire trip transportation fee. 


Because we are announcing this trip several months before the September date, we want to make sure our members are aware of our cancellation policy for trips lasting more than one day.  Our Trip Researcher (you all know that is our one and only Sharon Jones!) has done extensive research and made many contacts to put together the wonderful 4-day itinerary you have just read.  The businesses and services we will be utilizing during this trip require commitments and deposits from us; therefore we (your BBC Committee) must ensure that we will have the necessary funds to meet these commitments.  Please read our cancellation policy and acknowledge on the reservation form that you agree to it.

St. Augustine Attractions – on your own and all optional

  • Castillo de San Marcos Fort -- $7
  • Flagler University (2:00 pm tour only) -- $8
  • Pirate and Treasure Museum -- $11 (on-line price only)
  • Old Town Hop On/Hop Off Trolley -- $21 (with coupon)
  • Colonial Quarter -- $13
  • Shopping -- ?????????

Or the following OPTIONAL tours in Georgia:

  • Lady Jane sailing and low-country boil -- $32
  • St. Simons Lighthouse Museum -- $3
  • Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center -- $5

Does Not Include:

  • your hotel room ($94 for two people, plus 11% tax)
  • most of your meals
  • tip for your room attendant

Cost Per Person - $120


  • extensive 4-day bus transportation
  • admission onto Jekyll Island
  • 1-1/2 hour guided trolley tour on Jekyll Island
  • a very special luncheon in a beautiful setting
  • tips for our drivers, tour guides, cruise staff, and hotel breakfast staff

What is the cost to enjoy all you've been reading about ?

if you remember how !

We will arrive back at our own special fortress in time for you to cook dinner….

Within a short walking distance, you can visit Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the nation, tour Flagler University (which was built in 1888 as a luxury hotel), go plundering through the Pirate and Treasure Museum, take the Old Town Hop-on/Hop-Off Trolley Tour,  or get a close-up, hands-on experience of what life was really like in the Nation's Oldest City during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries at the Colonial Quarter.  And, of course, there is more than ample shopping opportunities for our fair maidens.

Saying farewell to lovely Georgia, we return south to historic St. Augustine where we trust you will enjoy spending a few hours having lunch and choosing between the many sites it has to offer.                 

Day 4 - Thursday

Again at a designated time, Bus #2 will depart for the Lady Jane Shrimp Boat where it’s your turn (maximum of 49 people) to take pleasure in a 2 hour adventure by trawling the waters for many different kinds of sea life.  (See the full description of this excursion above.)

Bus #1 will depart for a drive through the Avenue of the Oaks, planted by Anne Page King more than 150 years ago, then head to either a chapel built in the late 1700s or to a brand new shopping and dining center just opening this Spring.  (We’ll watch to see what’s coming there.)

Bus #1 will proceed to the Millhouse Steakhouse in Brunswick for dinner that evening.

See for its menu.

From there, we will drive a few miles along the coast to the Coast Guard Station on East Beach, the most popular beach on the island, where you can dip your toes in the water.

of shopping, having lunch, walking along the pier, sitting on shaded park benches, and visiting the historic and well-preserved lighthouse museum and lighthouse keeper’s house (entrance fee to lighthouse is $3, half the normal cost, and is not included in your trip transportation fee).

Both buses will depart for a day of adventure on St. Simon’s Island.  The beauty of the trees on this island will take your breath away!  At the charming town center on the waterfront -- one of the loveliest we’ve ever seen -- enjoy a few hours

Day 3 - Wednesday

After a few hours, Bus #2 will transport our hungry beachcombers to the Millhouse Steakhouse in Brunswick for dinner. 

See for it's menu.

Bus #2 will depart for a visit to the Sea Turtle Center (also optional, $5 entrance fee) and pleasant quaint shops on the Jekyll Island Hotel grounds.

The Lady Jane Shrimp Boat is an OPTIONAL excursion and can only accommodate 49 passengers.  When we conduct the lottery for this trip, the first 49 members on Bus #1 who sign up for this trip will be confirmed for this tour.  The same for Bus #2.

Until we see the numbers for those interested in this excursion, we are unsure if both outings will occur.  We just want to make you  aware that some changes to the itinerary might occur and we will need to be flexible if this optional tour fails to meet the minimum number required.

The cost for the Lady Jane Shrimp boat and dinner is $32 and is not included in the trip transportation fee.

Assuming you’ve developed an appetite for fresh seafood, the ship's staff will prepare and serve a low country sausage and shrimp boil for your pleasure.  It will also include potato, corn, a vegetable tray, chips and dip, bottled water, and a dessert.  Soft drinks are available for sale, but you are welcomed to bring your own drinks aboard.  Just be warned that space is tight so please keep your carry-on items to a minimum. 

The only seating is hard wooden benches, so you may bring a folded towel or small cushion to sit upon.  The cost of this excursion is $32, including dinner—a very good price, we feel, for an exceptional learning opportunity! 

At a designated time, Bus #1 will depart with up to 49 passengers for the Lady Jane Shrimp Boat where you will set sail on a 2 hour adventure in protected waters (not on the ocean), so this will be a calm sea excursion with no rough water.  The Lady Jane will trawl the waters for many different kinds of sea life which will be brought aboard by nets.  A marine biologist will share with you what is caught.  Three times they will raise their nets and teach you about their finds.  The catch is then returned to the sea.  122 reviewers on Trip Advisor gave this excursion 4-½ stars out of 5.

After lunch, we will proceed to the Great Dunes Beach.  You can either swim and relax in the sun, or be content to sit under a large covered deck (assuming no one else has reserved it at a cost of $850) and enjoy the ocean views and share in good conversation for a few hours.

At the conclusion of the trolley tour, we have a sumptuous buffet lunch awaiting you, already included in the price of this trip.  Dine on beef, chicken and seafood in a magnificent setting.  Be prepared to be wowed!

Day 2 - Tuesday

Prepare for a wonderful day!  We'll escort you to the beautiful Jekyll Island Hotel Club where we will board a trolley for a fascinating 1-½ hour tour of two "cottages" and a church built by our country's wealthiest men in the late 1800s.  These "cottages" typically ran between 11,000 and 18,000 square feet in size!  Step aboard the trolley and hear absorbing stories of these families during this era. 

After refreshing up at the hotel, you can walk right next door to either Logan’s Roadhouse or Toucans Ale House, a casual sports bar (it is, after all, Monday night football season, gentlemen) or a Waffle House.  Or we can drive you about 2 miles away if you’re ready to take on some true southern cookin’ at the Ole Times Country Buffet (see, or 3 miles away to a highly recommended Italian restaurant named Matteo’s (see

While its setting is not as picturesque as the hotel we had in Naples, it is still more upscale than any other hotel we saw in the area.  And although it has only an indoor pool, that might be a welcomed relief after spending the long summer lying beside pools under the broiling Florida sun. 

Here you can enjoy a lunch you brought from home or try something new at any of the 6-7 restaurants on site, which include Mangos Bar, Lynch’s Irish Pub, Mario’s Pizza, the Pier Cantina and Sandbar, the Ocean Grill, and the Flask & Cannon (arrr matey!).  After a few hours of soaking in the Atlantic at its warmest, we’ll proceed north for 1-½ hours to our hotel, The Hampton Inn & Suites, in Brunswick, GA. 

Day 1 - Monday

On our way to Georgia, we’ll spend the first afternoon at Jacksonville Beach with its 1,300 ft. long pier where you can stretch your legs then relax in the sun for a few hours. 

September 21 - 24, 2015

4 Days / 3 Nights

on the southern most tip of the Atlantic coast of Georgia

St. Simon’s Island and Jekyll Island

Many of you told us you loved Amelia Island and would like to return.  However, we set off on a quest to find someplace similar in nature but even more interesting and beautiful, and we succeeded when we discovered