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February 20   

March 20
Madeira Beach & John's Pass Village
March 26 -       April 9
Cruises to Cuba & Dominican Republic
April 17
Anna Maria Island
 May 8-10
3-day/2-night trip to Venice, Englewood and Gasparilla Island

It is not necessary for you to respond to this invitation.   We just hope to share Feb. 20 with you in that fair city.

Nowwwwww, for those of you yearning to get wet, we will be taking the following trips this Spring -

 March 20 - Madeira Beach and John's Pass Village

 April 17 -   Anna Maria Island

 May 15-17-Proposed three day (2 night trip) to Venice, Englewood, and Gasparilla Island
                       (staying at a hotel near Venice)

Hope this excites you!

About 2 p.m., we suggest that you return to your awaiting chairs in the shady park and enjoy both the views and the entertainment!

To avoid impersonating this swimmer without taking a 42(??) hour-drive to Key West, we will, instead, spend a lovely afternoon lakeside in the nearby town of  Eustis on Monday, Feb. 20 from noon 'til 3:00 (or later if you wish).  If you have not been there before, the city offers the beautiful Ferran Park, complete with a resplendent bandshell (built in 1925 as a tribute to the love of a man for his late wife).  We have rented this historic stage

Our trip planner, Sharon Jones, has finally resumed good health and is able to undertake planning trips for the first half of 2017.  So let's get started.

The city of Eustis does not permit us to collect funds for the entertainment while in this public park.  However, if you'd be so kind, we'd appreciate you dropping just $2-3 dollars in our box at the approach to the parking lot to help finance the performances. 

We will soon send you the easiest driving directions to a grassy parking lot at North Bay Street at Clifford Avenue in Eustis.  We are also willing to aid in forming carpools for those of you uninterested or unable to drive.   The closest Village point from which we can set off is the Colony Cottage Recreation Center which backs onto 466-A.  From there, we estimate the drive to be about 1/2 hr. or so.   Again, we will provide driving directions or assistance in forming car pools later next week.

and hope to fill it with fun entertainment.  This park lies alongside its namesake, the lovely Lake Eustis.   We'd suggest that you set up your lawn chairs at noon in front of the bandshell to get a perfect view later, then proceed to one of 6 or more restaurants within a block or two of the park for lunch.  On your way back to the park, consider whiling away a little time at the charming shops you pass by on this old-town main street. 

Those preferring to take a stroll might enjoy a 1/4 mile walk on the Eustis Lake Walk that runs along the waterfront.  There are public restrooms both at Ferran Park and at the end of this walkway.

2017 Beach Trips

Our gentlemen may prefer to have a few sips at the 1884 Bar and Grill.  (No alcohol is allowed is Ferran Park.)