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Make it easy and rent two chairs and an umbrella set up in advance for only a $5 per item tip.  They have cabanas now too as part of their recent renovation but they are quite pricey.  Maybe you and ten of your closest friends would want to rent one.  They have added more changing and restroom areas since we were last there as well.  For more detail, go to

For an optional  trip that afternoon, you can enjoy a tour & tasting at a Florida winery:

             Florida Orange Groves Winery

Aug 15

Caddy's on Sunset Beach (Treasure Island)
Sept 19
Fort Desoto

Oct 17-20

Fort Myers and vicinity
Nov 14*

Siesta Key Sand Sculpting Festival & Turtle Beach

*SECOND Monday of the month
Dec 19
Shopping at Mazzaro's, St. Pete +? 

On Monday, August 15, we’ll return to the comfort of
Caddy’s on Sunset Beach  

at Treasure Island on the Gulf

8:30am until 8:00pm 

2022 Beach Trips

I/we would like to go to I/we would like to go to Caddy’s on Treasure Island with the BBC on August 18th.  Enclosed is my $28 check (pp). 

Print your name(s):   _______________________________________________________________________________________________

I/we wish to be on the bus with these friends (name up to four) ________________________________________________________________________________________________


I/we still have a credit with the BBC and I would like to use that credit. ________

I/we live in the Village of ________________________________

I/we will be fully vaccinated by August 1st _______________

I’m/we’re interested in the OPTIONAL afternoon adventure to the Florida Orange Groves Winery. _______

I am interested in 2 chairs and an umbrella.  Enclosed is my $15 set-up tip.  ________

I am interested in 1 chair.  Enclosed is my $5 set-up tip.  ________

I/we would like to eat at: 

The Sea Hags Bar & Grill _________________

Shrimpy's Blues Bistro ___________________

Seadog Brewing _________________________

The Taco Bus ___________________________

Carino's Northern Italian Cuisine_________

Caddy's - I'm not leaving the beach!  ____


Regrettably, no alcohol or food can be brought onto this beach,

but it sure can be purchased there!

We’ve chosen this site in part because of its shallow beach, calm waters, and indoor escape from the August sun......along with the fact that they can't wait for us to arrive!!


Less than 10 minutes away from the beach by bus, Florida Orange Groves Winery is Florida’s original tropical fruit winery. Today they produce over 43 different varieties of premium tropical fruit wines, all of which are gluten free! If you are looking for a wine that tastes like the fruit it’s made from then look no further. They are offering a free 30-minute tour, followed by a 30 minute tasting.  To see their award winning wines.... Key Lime, Hurricane White Sangria, and Mango Mamma... visit their website at

Their TripAdvisor rating is 4.5/5 and a recent visitor posted this review:

"What a fun experience! As a self proclaimed food and wine snob who has traveled the world on luxury wine excursions, I didn’t have high hopes. However, I was pleasantly surprised and found it to be more enjoyable that some Napa vineyards. Staff is friendly and wines are fun. Bought several bottles to use in cocktails and for cooking. Great adult outing option."

 (We all qualify as 'adults'......right?)

Oh, yeah, then there’s the beach .....

You may choose to have both lunch (because you can't bring your lunch and eat it on this beach)  and dinner at Caddy's  (  After all, they share their beach chairs and beach with us.  But if not, our buses will escort you a 1/2 mile to other restaurants in the area. 

They are:

Sea Hag Bar & Grill; rated 4.5 out of 5;  while they are unable to handle a crowd, they would love to see a few of us.

Shrimpy's Blues Bistro (cajun seafood);  rated 4/5;
Their happy hour/early bird runs from 3-5pm.

Taco Bus  -;  rated 3.9/5;  a converted school bus!  Fun, fun and tacos.

Sea Dog Brewing (on the water);;  rated 4.5/5;  these folks will be ready to accommodate any of us that venture to their establishment  

Carino's Northern Italian Cuisine -  rated 4.5/5; they'll be ready to accommodate any who come in;  early bird from 3-5pm

Of course, the easiest thing to do is lounge on the beach, saunter up to Caddy's and order.  The choice is entirely yours!

Just be sure to board your bus before we leave for home at 6:00pm. 
You'll be ready to sleep all the way home!

Liability Waiver:  The BBC has a revised Liability Waiver specific to our club.  Even if you have signed a liability release form in the past for our club, we are asking that you sign the revised one. This will only need to be done one time; not every trip or yearly.  Please click on link below, print and sign, and give the form to your bus leader on this trip. 

Before you click on the waiver, one of these is good for your lifetime.  PLEASE do NOT submit these for every trip!!!

Barefoot Beachcombers Club (‘BBC’ will also suffice)
333 Colony Blvd. #110
The Villages, FL 32162

You could instead hand your addressed envelope to a person at the counter at Safe Ship in Colony Plaza, saving you the stamp and ensure its timely arrival.

To join us on this trip, if you are fully vaccinated prior to August 1st, print the reservation form (click on green button below) and mail it along with your check (made out to the BBC) for $28 per person to the address below. On August 1st, we will conduct our lottery and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your seat confirmation or waitlist status.

**To open the printable versions, move your cursor to the left hand side of the blue or green button.  Your cursor will then turn into a hand.  Once it does, click on the button and the print version will open in a new window.

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