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I/we would like to go to I/we would like to go to Caddy’s on Treasure Island with the BBC on August 20th.  Enclosed is my $28 check (pp). 

Print your name(s):   _______________________________________________________________________________________________

I/we wish to be on the bus with these friends (name up to four) ________________________________________________________________________________________________


I/we still have a credit with the BBC and I would like to use that credit. ________

I’m/we’re interested in the OPTIONAL afternoon adventure to The Sacred Lands. 

          Enclosed is my/our $8 pp. admission fee. ____________

I am interested in 2 chairs and an umbrella.  Enclosed is my $10 set-up tip.  ________

I am interested in 1 chair.  Enclosed is my $3 set-up tip.  ________



Barefoot Beachcombers Club (‘BBC’ will also suffice)
333 Colony Blvd. #110
The Villages, FL 32162

You could instead hand your addressed envelope to a person at the counter at Safe Ship in Colony Plaza, saving you the stamp.

Regrettably, no alcohol can be brought onto this beach, but it sure can be purchased there!

We’ve chosen this site in part because of its shallow beach, calm waters, and indoor escape from the August sun.


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Liability Waiver:  The BBC has a revised Liability Waiver specific to our club.  Even if you have signed a liability release form in the past for our club, we are asking that you sign the revised one. This will only need to be done one time; not yearly as in the past.  Please click on link below, print and sign, and give the form to your bus leader on this trip. 

On Monday, August 20, we’ll return to the comfort of
Caddy’s on the Beach  

on Treasure Island on the Gulf 

                              Strut alongside 50 pretty peacocks (and their peachicks?) 

Oh, yeah, then there’s the beach .....

To join us on this trip, print the reservation form (click on green button below) and mail it along with your check (made out to the BBC) for $28 per person to the address below. On August, 7th, we will conduct our lottery and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your seat confirmation or waitlist status.

The Anderson family, who bought this property in 1940, is committed to protect the Narvaez Indian mound which is the site of an ancient Tocobaga village. Artifacts found on the mound date primarily from 1300 to 1500 AD.   The Anderson descendants lead the tour.

Two of many glowing reviews in Tripadvisor~

"Fabulous! Most informative tour I’ve taken. The scenery is spectacular and the guide is very informative."

"Who knew there was such rich local history? David Anderson is a true captivating storyteller for all ages."

                                                  We hope to entice you to join us!

2018 Beach Trips

                         Might he also unfortunately have unearthed the IRS on this date too?

Learn about native American archaeology, conquistadors, gangsters, and developers – with a  healthy dose of peacocks for good measure!  Great 1 to 1 ¼ hr. guided tour with lots of expert storytelling.  Enjoy this peaceful and shaded earthy retreat.  Only $8, payable in advance.


Aug 20

Caddy's on Sunset Beach (Treasure Island)
Sept 10-13
Amelia Island


Be lazy and rent two chairs and an umbrella set up in advance for only a $10 tip.

For an OPTIONAL trip that afternoon, we’ll whisk you just 10 mins. away to

              The Sacred Lands ~ Part of the Jungle Prada Park