with architectural features dating back to 1885.

Liability Waiver:  The BBC has a revised Liability Waiver specific to our club.  Even if you have signed a liability release form in the past for our club, we are asking that you sign the revised one. This will only need to be done one time; not yearly as in the past.  Please click on link below, print and sign, and give the form to your bus leader on this trip. 

Along with their delicious (not-quite-so-healthy) Bomb Burger!

July 18
Fort DeSoto Beach - Ybor City
Aug 15
St. Augustine
Sept 19
Cocoa Beach
Oct 17
Caddy's at Sunset Beach
Nov 14
Siesta Key Sand Castles

We will escort you to the Ybor City Visitor Center to see a 7-minute movie about the history of the town, followed by a dinner immediately across the street at

with both healthy meals

Print and mail only the below page.

I want to go to on the trip to Fort DeSoto.  Enclosed is my check for $25 per person.

Your name(s)


I believe I have a $25 credit in your record _________   (check here)

1-4 people with whom I’d/we’d like to be on a bus:



Yes, I would like to rent a set of beach chairs and an umbrella and will pay the vendor there. (Cash or credit card accepted.)   __________________(check here)

I would like to share a set with someone _______  (check here)

This allows us to tell the vendor how many sets we might need.

Two chairs and an umbrella may be rented for $20 plus tax. The food stand offers a limited menu, including hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, Caesar salad, chicken Caesar salad, etc.   If that doesn’t suit you, you may enjoy a lunch brought from home (OK, from Publix!) under this large pavilion that we’ve rented for your comfort.

 Named "Best Beach in America" by TripAdvisor in 2009    

In the late afternoon,  we’ll drive through Ybor (pronounced Ebor) City to share with you this historic town

And, if you’re feeling a bit energetic, there are rentals for use in this flat and scenic park.  No, you don’t have to ride the full 1,1136 acres of this park.

And to tempt you boys into joining us, sample some of these

‘cause you’re not driving!

2016 Beach Trips

 Copyright. Barefoot Beachcombers Club.  All rights reserved

The neighborhood, originally founded by Cuban and Spanish immigrants, has distinct architectural, culinary, cultural, and historical legacy that reflects its multi-ethnic composition..

To join us on this trip to Fort Desoto, print the reservation form (click on green button below) and mail it along with your check (made out to the BBC) for $25 per person to the address below.   On July 3rd, we will conduct our lottery and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your seat confirmation or waitlist status.

Barefoot Beachcombers Club (‘BBC’ will also suffice)
333 Colony Blvd. #110
The Villages, FL 32162


This should certainly make our many shell collectors happy.

Fort Desoto Rentals - 50+ Fun Cycles to choose from
10 Unique Types - From bicycles built for one, to bicycles built for eight!

Obtain more info about these rentals at:   www.unitedparkservices.com/bike.html

Since we last visited here for 12 minutes in March, we’ve heard that the temp. has risen 35-45 degrees.   So now we’re happy to return to

Fort DeSoto Beach

(south of St. Pete)

on Monday, July 18th, from 8:30 - 8:30